Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The tale of two shirts

Say this about the Rays All-Star promotions: The T-shirts have gotten better.

The one on the bottom was going to be used to push Carl Crawford for the "Final Vote" in 2005, but the left fielder wasn't among the five finalists, so the campaign was scrapped.

The one on top is currently in use in the "Vote 'Los" campaign to push Carlos Pena for the "Final Vote."

Notice the use of the St. Louis Arch, the St. Louis skyline, an actually head shot of Pena and the way Pena's head is used for the letter "O."

"I'm very happy with it. I think I look somewhat handsome," Pena said before Tuesday's game with the visiting Blue Jays.

Crawford wasn't even aware of a campaign back in 2005.
"No way," he said before Tuesday's game. "They made T-shirts? No way."

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Anonymous said...

It couldn't help but be more cool with the St. Louis arch!