Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stealing home: More exciting than a triple?

I think most agree that a triple is the most exciting play in baseball. I know Carl Crawford does not agree.

The Rays left fielder told me once the home run is the most exciting play. I guess if you're hitting them they are exciting.

But for those of us who can only watch, the foot race between the batter and the outfielders with third base as the finish line is pretty darn exciting.

Then B.J. Upton steals home Wednesday night, and I think, "Hmmmm."

Watching a guy steal home is pretty darn exciting, too.

Crawford did it a few years back against the Red Sox. That was a straight steal.

Upton didn't break for the plate until Toronto pitcher Brian Tallet threw over to first base in the first inning and easily beat Kevin Millar's throw home. That was considered a straight steal, too, meaning the runner from third didn't score on the front end of a double-steal.

Steals of home happen so quick you almost miss them.

Runner on third breaks. Pitcher throws home. The slide. The late tag.



It was Upton's third career steal of home plate, tying him with Torii Hunter, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield and Omar Vizquel for the most in the majors among active players.

You think stealing second is a dying art, how about stealing home?

Ty Cobb did it 54 times during his career. He also holds the record for a single season with eight, which he set in 1912.

The record for most steals of home plate in one game is two, shared by 11 players. The last to do it was Cleveland's Vic Powers in 1958.

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