Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long live the green

Last home game of the season Thursday night. Last time to see the Devil Rays in those green uniforms.

Too bad, too, because that’s one of the few things the organization has done right in the first 10 years.

The greenies have a couple of things going for them: They are professional, look cool when the Rays wear the sleeveless jerseys and are unique to the major leagues.

The Oakland Athletics are the only other team to wear green and they play on the West Coast, so who ever sees them?

Sadly, the Rays will switch uniforms to blue next season, a shade somewhere between navy and royal.


Add the Rays to the blue crew and that will make 16 major league teams that wear some shade of blue.

Way to stand out.

The change in colors and logo is another attempt to distance this ownership from the Naimoli reign.

Here’s another: Win.