Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's up with the pole?

Been covering the Rays for 11 years. They make it to the World Series and here is my view from the auxiliary press box.

Great, two poles in the building and I’m behind one of them.

That would be the foul pole in left field. High up the foul pole, since the aux box is in the land that used to be known as The Beach and is now known as the tbt Party Deck.

The amount of media covering the series meant some of us had to give up our seats in the main press box to writers from some of the bigger papers around the country.

Actually, it’s not a bad view of the game. I mean, Carl Crawford is playing right in front of me, so how bad can that be? And I no longer have to worry about a foul ball crashing in to my laptop, which is a big worry when you sit behind home plate. No one has ever hit a ball this far at the Trop.

Besides, I’ve learned long ago that it is not important where you sit as long as you have a seat somewhere in the building.

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