Thursday, September 17, 2009

CC frustrated with losing or just Burrell?

Word out of Baltimore is Carl Crawford and Pat Burrell argued in the clubhouse before Wednesday's batting practice.

CC wouldn't elaborate, and Burrell, true to form, didn't talk to reporters.

Which leaves us to speculate about what the two were arguing about.

Where to eat after the game?

Maybe Burrell was giving CC tips on how to play left field, and the discussion escalated into a heated argument?

Fantasy football?

Maybe the losing finally got to CC.

Maybe the thought of losing Wednesday and dropping to .500 hurt CC in a way it won't the other Rays, since he is the longest tenured Ray and knows what a losing record feels like.

Or, maybe CC is tired of seeing Burrell mail it in this season.

A better effort from Burrell won't have the Rays in first place, but they'd be in a better place than they are now, which is fighting amongst themselves in Baltimore.

Rays manager Joe Maddon told reporters it was nothing.

Except CC isn't prone to public outburst.

So, if CC is yelling at another player in the middle of the clubhouse where reporters can watch, it's something.

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