Friday, June 26, 2009

No surprise: Kaz in, Sonny out

In the end, the Rays did what everyone expected them to do: Send Andy Sonnanstine back to Triple A Durham to clear room on the roster for the returning Scott Kazmir.

Sonnanstine did not talk to reporters after the move was announced following Friday's 7-3 victory against the Marlins.

Can't blame him, but he only has himself to blame.

The right-hander had the highest ERA in the majors and was basically ineffective away from the Trop this season. The Sonnanstine who went toe-to-toe with Boston in two September starts last season and won twice in the American League playoffs never showed up this season.

The Rays had to take one starter out of the rotation, and it wasn't going to be rookie David Price. The Rays have won eight of Niemann's last nine starts, so he wasn't going anywhere.

Sonnanstine is confident he can pitch in the big leagues, and he showed that by winning 13 games last year. But he struggled this year despite receiving 8.16 runs per start, the most in the majors.

Sonnanstine had options, and a record that said Durham. He should be disappointed but not surprised.

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