Friday, June 26, 2009

Moves to come ... later

Big doings at the Trop tonight.

So big the Rays won't make the announcement as to when Scott Kazmir will come off the disabled list and which starter will leave the rotation for the latest version of the new and improved Kazmir until after tonight's game with the Marlins.

It's all hush, hush.

Manager Joe Maddon said the club knows which moves they will make, and it will be two moves because Chad Bradford is expected to come off the disabled list and rejoin the team as well, but he hasn't informed the parties involved.

The Rays could make it easy on everyone and announce the moves before tonight's game with the Marlins, but that would be too easy.

Maybe it involves infielder Joe Dillon, who hardly plays and will be hardly missed, but won't be released until after the game just in case something happens to Evan Longoria.

Longoria is back in the lineup after missing one game after feeling pain in his left hamstring Wednesday night.

Andy Sonnanstine seems to be the leading candidate to leave the rotation since he ranks high in the American League in all the wrong categories. Sonnanstine is tied for fourth in hits allowed (103), tied for second in losses (seven), fourth in home runs allowed (15), first in earned runs (60) and first in runs allowed (61).

Sonny's ERA is 6.61. His batting average is .273.

Seems to me that ought to be reversed.

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