Friday, April 25, 2008

I could get used to the moon over the outfield

I glance skyward from my seat in the Tropicana Field press box and I see wires and catwalks and a roof.

Last night I saw blue skies with some clouds.

Last night I saw the moon rise behind left field at Champion Stadium at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

On Wednesday I saw mist falling. A little weather OK, it happens when there is not a roof to protect us from the elements.

Now I like the Trop.

It lacks charm and, on most nights, fans. But it never rains and it’s never hot and sticky during the summer months and when the crowd nears 20,000 or better and the Rays are playing well it has as much excitement as any other big-league ballpark.

The Rays want a new stadium, a state-of-the-art, open-air 34,000-seat park on the St. Petersburg waterfront that will include a funky sail-like retractable roof.

Will it happen? Too early to tell.

Will it work? It’s ambitious, I’ll say that much.

Will I miss the comforts of the Trop? Absolutely.

But the sight of that orange moon and those light towers exploding out of the black night and the way the grass always seems to glow during a night baseball game, man, I can get use to all of that.

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