Monday, February 18, 2008

Hey, watch the carpet!

No spikes on the clubhouse carpet. You know what that means? Lots of work for the guys who work the clubhouse for the Tampa Bay Rays.

The players come off the field and sit on a bench outside the clubhouse door.

They pull off their spikes, caked with clay if they are pitchers and catchers and infielders who toil on the surface during workouts.

The players then place their spikes neatly on a table and head inside the clubhouse.

The pitchers return a few minutes later sporting running shoes for their daily routine with the training staff and some medicine balls.

Also, sprints across the outfield or a long run around the complex are required, depending on the day’s schedule.

Meanwhile, the clubbies are busy ridding the spikes of all dirt with wire brushes. After that, it’s a coat of shoe polish. It’s quite a show.

Within minutes, the spikes are back in the proper locker, ready for another day of spring training.

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