Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are Yankees asking for trouble?

I want to work for the Yankees.

I hear they pay well.

Looks like the Bombers aren’t feeling the economic pinch like the rest of us. Either that or the Rays really rattled the Yankees’ cage by winning the division title and the American League pennant last season.

So the Yankees respond by paying a king’s ransom for two front-line pitchers and a front-line first baseman. The four highest-paid players in baseball now have their mail delivered to the Bronx.

Might not be enough, though.

The Yankees are an old team and their age showed last season when they finished third in the AL East behind the Rays and the Red Sox.

Derek Jeter is getting old. Alex Rodriguez was never a difference-maker, especially in the postseason. Jorge Posada is getting old. Mariano Rivera is getting old.

There is no telling how the new toys will handle the pressure of playing in New York. History doesn’t favor a smooth transition. You can bet one of them will have a bad season. Maybe two.
Plus, the entire team has to play under the pressure of the offseason spending spree aimed at guaranteeing a World Series title.

These guys better open the season 20-0 or feel the wrath of the New York media and their fans.

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