Friday, November 7, 2008

Pena earns his gold

Now when he walks down the street, people will point to Carlos Peña and say, “There’s goes a Gold Glove first baseman.”

And that thought makes the ever-present smile on Peña’s face grow even wider.

Every ball player wants to be a complete ball player, meaning they are equally renowned for their defense as well as their offense.

Peña has really improved his defense over the last two years, cutting his errors to an incredible two this season for a .998 fielding percentage.

There’s no telling home many runs he saved this season with his ability to dig a throw out of the dirt and his skill at diving toward the first base line and turning doubles into “3 unassisted.”

Rays fans have come to count on Peña for the big home run.

His teammates have come to count on his defense.

Everyone knows what kind of power Peña brings to the lineup – 46 home runs in 2007 and 31 during an injury plagued 2008.

Now, everyone knows Peña is a first-rate fielder as well.

The best defensive first baseman in the American League.

A gold-glover.

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