Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time to look ahead to Grapefruit action

Boston 4, Colorado 3.

For the last three months, that’s what I saw whenever I clicked on CBS Sportsline, which I have bookedmarked, and it’s bookmarked to the Major League Baseball scores.

When I wanted to see what was going on in college football, I saw the linescore from Game 4 of the World Series, which the Red Sox clinched Oct. 28 with the one-run victory.

When I wanted to check on the NFL scores, I saw the Rockies rallied with a run in the seventh and two in the eighth but couldn’t stave off elimination.

Now, I have nothing against the Red Sox. They were the best team in baseball last season and deserved to win the World Series.

Right now they are my pick to win it all again this fall, but that could change as the season unfolds.

On Saturday I clicked on the Web site to check out some college basketball scores when to my surprise – and delight – I saw this:

Mets vs. Tigers
Reds vs. Phillies
Nationals vs. Marlins
Rockies vs. White Sox

The date said Wednesday, Feb. 27.

It is the start of baseball’s exhibition season. Three games in the Grapefruit League and one out west in the Cactus League.

Nothing against the BoSox and the Rockies, but with the pitchers and catchers due to report in the middle of February, I believe it’s time to look ahead.

I’m glad CBS Sportsline agrees.


Bolton Landing Bob said...

Will the Rays be on the schedule for the Mets at Citfield in 2009, and will they be effetced by the new green seats.

Roger Mooney said...

Could be. I think the Rays play the NL East in 2009. It will be nice to have an excuse to visit Queens.