Friday, November 2, 2007

Pass the branding iron

Barry Bonds said he won’t go to Cooperstown for his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame if the ball he struck for his record-breaking 756th home run is marked with an asterisk. I say, pass me a branding iron.

“I won’t go. I won’t be a part of it,” Bonds said in an interview aired Thursday on MSNBC.

I say, pass me a branding iron.

Marc Ecko, the guy who bought the baseball, put it to the fans to decide the ball’s fate. In an online poll, fans voted for an asterisk.

I say, well you know what I say.

Oh Bonds will show up for his induction ceremony, which will take place five years after he retires. Let’s not be silly here.

Bonds hasn’t let what fans think stop him yet, he’s not going to let them keep him out of the hall.

And the ball shouldn’t be marked in any way. His home run record is tainted only in the hearts of fans since baseball’s performance-enhancing policy has enough holes to allow someone like Bonds to keep swinging.

Still, it’s a nice idea by Ecko.

A tainted ball for a tainted record.

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