Friday, October 26, 2007

BC, "The Office" and Game 2

Some musings on Game 2 while wondering if the Taco Bell exec who came up with the idea of giving away free tacos across America on Tuesday will have his job on Wednesday …

- Nice promo by Taco Bell, giving away free tacos if a player stole a base during either of the first two games. Think we can get Chevy to get on board with that idea?

- The box FOX uses to track pitches in or out of the strike zone is confusion because there are two boxes. The smaller one, I assume, is the actual strike zone. If so, then why the second box?
Also, is it me or do the real pitch and the ball in the tracker appear to take different paths?

- Can they please have Colorado pitching coach Bob Apodaca miked for the rest of the series? I want to hear more from him and less from Joe and Tim.
He didn’t say this Thursday night, but during an interview with the Denver Post before Game 1 Apodaca summed up the Red Sox lineup this way: “Big, hairy-chested guys, one right after another.”

- Is there anyone who follows baseball and doesn’t know Boston reliever Hideki Okajima doesn’t look at home plate at the end of this delivery? I don’t think so, not with the amount of times the Red Sox have been on national TV.
Time for Tim McCarver to drone on about something else.

-I would rather have Mike Lowell playing third base for my team than Alex Rodriguez, especially in October.

- Where exactly did Matt Holliday think he was going before being picked off first base to end the top of the eighth inning?

- Think the Mets wish they still had second baseman Kaz Matsui? I do.

- What should Boston manager Terry Francona do during Games 3 and 4 with no designated hitters allowed in the National League park?
Easy. Sit David Ortiz.
I would rather put the best defensive team on the field at the sacrifice of some offense.
If the Red Sox start teeing off on Colorado pitching they won’t need Ortiz, and if it's another low-scoring game, they will need Kevin Youkilis’ defense at first base.

- For those who stayed with the game at 9 p.m., you missed a good episode of “The Office.”

- For those who stayed with the baseball game and didn’t see the end of BC-VaTech, you missed a heck of a comeback.

- For those who stayed with the baseball game until the last out, you need to get some sleep.

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